Integrated Operations
Architecture & Design

I believe in leveraging proven architectural designs. The process of thoroughly investigating existing solutions, architectures, and technologies; allows me to build upon the experience of the field in the broadest sense. Currently I’m investigating the possibilities of creating systems of code generators based on architecture meta-models.

InfoPoint is a technology that serves as a proof of concept, where various sources of data are are transformed into a single view of the enterprise information structure based on available meta-data.

This provides an “as it is” view of the enterprise information model.

Integrated Operations

InfoPoint grew out of my experience with the design and development of the data access (DA) and historical data access (HDA) solution leveraged by ConocoPhillips Onshore Operations Centre for the Ekofisk Oil Field. Leveraging a system of code generating tools. This is my take on Model Driven Architecture (MDA) based on OMGs’ meta-object facility (MOF).

InfoPoint is a technology platform, leveraging message oriented middleware (MOM); implementing a high performance architecture designed to provide robust, distributed real-time object platform.

InfoPoint is well suited for exploring the possibilities of optimization & operational research.

Data Visualization

Visualization and analysis of large data sets in real-time.