Integrated Operations
Curriculum Vitae
More than 20 years of experience from the Oil & Energy Sector, industry, finance and public institutions.

I've been tinkering with computers, programming, and later software architecture since the early 80'ties, and must admit that I've rather fond memories of the time spent developing my first programs on an Acorn BBC model B.

A bunch of boys, whose highlight on a rainy day, would be to successfully save a few hours’ worth of wrangling with the computer to a tape deck.

I'm curios by nature, and rather fond of reading.

Over the years I've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to work on really interesting tasks - most of them related to the Oil & Energy Sector, developing high performance servers and distributed solutions. My work has allowed me to explore ideas and design solutions for:

  • High Performance Computing
  • Optimization and Operations Research
  • Model Driven Architecture and Code Generation
  • Real-Time Distributed Solutions
  • Integrated Operations
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Visualization

I was the architect and lead developer for Onshore Operations Centre/Optimum Online from 1999 until early 2009. This was, as such things go, a fairly challenging task that brought me into contact with people around the globe. We leveraged open source projects such as Douglas C. Schmidts' ACE and TAO.

This was a great learning experience, as some of the best and the brightest C++ developers around; where active members of the ACE and TAO community. It still tickles my vanity that I've made a few contributions to a framework that provides critical services to millions of people each day.

Who's using ACE & TAO.

This experience taught me how to design robust and maintainable solutions, and contributed significantly to the robustness of Onshore Operations Centre/Optimum Online.